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Nel ringraziare il Prof. Arch. Romano Fistola, docente presso la facoltà di Architettura dell’Università di Napoli, il quale mi richiese una mia composizione per la rivista internazionale di architettura “TeMA”, ringrazio la stessa Redazione per aver accolto questa mia imago per la copertina del n. 1/Aprile 2013.


TeMA by R. Matarazzo

TeMA by R. Matarazzo

The concept of the smart city has been quite fashionable in the policy arena in recent years and the question of how we can live “smartly” in a city has become the focus of policymakers and private industry. The label smart city is still quite a fuzzy concept and is used in ways that are not always consistent. However, starting from a general definition, what is central to the concept of the Smart City and what makes it differ from ‘sustainable cities’ or ‘ECO cities’ is the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the process of creating a more sustainable city but also the availability and quality of knowledge communication and social infrastructure.

This first issue of TeMA, Journal of Land Use, Mobility and Environment, volume no.6 deals with the subject of Smart City with reference to the urban scale. Accordingly, the papers tackle the different aspects characterizing a smart urban development: ranging from the more specifically economic ones, targeted to the implementation of strategies expected to improve competitiveness of cities in the global scenario; to those more involved in environment questions aimed at identifying strategies for improving the city capability of facing the important challenges given by the ongoing climate change as well as by the ever-growing reduction of traditional energy resources, paying particular attention to the improvement of urban mobility and energy saving as well as of those connected with the quality of life of communities, with specific attention to the participation to decisions-making processes, equity in the access to resources, individual and collective safety, social cohesion.


8 Comments on "TeMA – Roberto Matarazzo"

  1. Tra le piu’ belle imago di Roberto, molto interessante la rivista.

  2. Molto bella, Roberto.

  3. Giancarlo Locarno | maggio 24, 2013 at 09:44 | Rispondi

    Davvero molto bella, con quella composizione di finestre che sembrano sbirciare un orizzonte di seni-matita

  4. ringrazio tutte e tutti, davvero gran belle persone..

  5. E’ sempre un piacere vederti attraverso le tue opere-imago.


  6. Immagine calda, vitale, è bello guardarla… montagne di matite e “grattacieli” pieni di finestre accese, la pianura a fazzoletti colorati… questa immagine di Roberto è tra le (sue) mie preferite.


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