Edgar Schröder: On Lysistrata


This uniquely spirited adaptation of Aristophanes’s “Lysistrata” turned out to be an outstanding theatre experience. The perfomance of this “study on the obscenity of power” showed all the hallmarks of a masterly directed and choreographed Gesamtkunstwerk, with narrative, dialogue, highly imaginative use of body movement, gesture, facial expression, as well as music, lighting :), rhythm and incredibly clever comical elements forming a powerful, organic whole. Particularly remarkable in Astragali’s ingenious transposition of Aristophanes’s comedy is no doubt the spirited and resourceful way in which the original’s “obscene” image of women (and men) has been deconstructed. All in all, a truly convincing, highly sophisticated interpretation of the ancient Greek play and an unforgettable theatre treat. I cannot wait to see the comedy in Lecce!

The Young Edgar Schröder


Edgar Schröder
Senior Lecturer in German
Middlesex University, London

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  1. Many thanks, Edgar. I thoroughly agree with your comments. No news from our friends in Palestine yet.

  2. antonio palumbo | aprile 2, 2010 at 06:35 | Rispondi

    per tutto il tempo dell’1sul calendario e’ segnato cosi’:
    puntati piu’ semi di piombo che alberi, soppressi piu’
    umani di quanti liberati…
    tanti, sorgenti dal fango o
    dalla sabbia, annunciano la resa appena aperti gli occhi:
    viaggiano da un pozzo all’altro dentro le tracolle
    materne… e in quei cullamenti e’ premiata la loro
    nascita…, messi a terra, offrono a chi li guarda
    le loro antiche pupille

    e. de signoribus

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